SP300 Ink Ribbons (5 Ribbons)

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SP300 Black Printer Ink Ribbons Packs of 5 Ribbons Free Delivery Ireland.


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Quantity Delivered in Packs of 5 Ribbons Price Per Ribbon
1  5  Ribbons €6.50 each 
2+ 10 Ribbons €5.99 each
3+ 15 Ribbons €5.50 each
4+ 20 Ribbons €4.99 each
5+ 25 Ribbons €4.50 each
6+ 30 Ribbons €3.99 each


Color: Black



 This SP300 black ink ribbon is compatible with a wide variety of dot matrix printers and is very easy to install.


This printer ribbon fits the following Printer:


Casio SP-1300,

Hypercom P8,


Star MP100,

Star MP200,

Star MP212,

Star MP216,

Star MP221,

Star MP231,

Star MP232,

Star MP235,

Star MP236,

Star MP242,

Star MP246,

Star MP292,

Star MP512,

Star SCP700,

Star SP200,

 Star SP2000,

Star SP212FC,

Star SP212FD,

Star SP216-2COLOR,

Star SP2320,

Star SP2360-2COLOR,

Star SP242,

Star SP246-2COLOR,

Star SP2520,

Star SP2560-2COLOR,

Star SP298,

Star SP500,

Star SP512MC,

Star SP512MD,

Star SP542,

Star SP800,

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