What is Thermal Paper ?

Thermal paper is a special paper that is coated with chemicals (Normally a Bisphenol compound, BPA, BPC or BPS) and developers which are heat sensitive & change colour when exposed to heat from the thermal print heads of the printing mechanism. The reaction of the heated print heads on the thermal paper produces an ink less image on the paper which should be a dark black.

You can tell if paper is thermal by running your finger nail along the printing side of the paper, if your finger nail leaves a black mark on the paper then this is thermal paper.

Discount Till Rolls only use “Epson / NCR / IBM / AXIOHM Approved Paper” in the manufacture of our thermal paper rolls and credit card rolls.

Cheaper thermal paper could give a grayish colour image and this paper is to avoided at all cost as the damage this cheaper paper could do to sensitive thermal print heads of your printer could be a very expensive mistake a few months down the line when you have to replace the thermal printers or cash registers.

Thermal paper rolls are used in thermal printers, cash registers, EPOS Systems, POS printers, mobile printers, Taxi meters, Tachograph Rolls, Ticketing & Gaming Rolls, credit card terminals & adding machines to name just a few.