76x70 3 Ply. (White/Yellow/Pink) 20 Roll Box

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76x70 3 Ply. (White/Yellow/Pink) 20 Roll Box

Getting the order right for your customers can be problematic in any kitchen, especially if your system puts all food orders through one kitchen printer. Mains, salads, desserts, if they all come on one ticket, issues are bound to arise, which ultimately negatively affects the customer experience, and causes long-term losses. If you want to make sure all of the kitchen can get a copy of the order, and guarantee seamless cooperation, our triplicate kitchen printer role is the perfect solution!

A perfect tool for any commercial kitchen, the white/ pink/ yellow 3 ply till rolls produces accurate and legible printing for all of the kitchen staff. The paper is non-carbon and is particularly resistant to heat, humidity, and grease stains. Moreover, the premium quality triplicate paper is dust-free to protect the delicate heads on your kitchen printers.

The triplicate paper measures 76 mm x 70 mm and is compatible with the SNBC BTP-M300 kitchen printer.

Some more of the amazing features of our 3ply kitchen printer rolls:

 Eco-friendly, sustainably sourced from European forests, and fully recyclable;

 Safe, BPA, BPS, BPC, and BPF-free;

 Premium quality, carbonlessheavier, and resistant to high temperatures and humidity;

50 roll convenience pack

Give your kitchen the perfect tools for success!


  • DON’T TAKE ANY CHANCES: The golden rule of any commercial kitchen is getting your customer’s order right. Every time. So don’t take any chances with our triplicate kitchen printer roll!
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR BUSINESS: The incredibly useful printer paper roll is triplicate (white, pink, and yellow) so you can make sure whenever an order comes through everyone in the kitchen can get a copy, get the correct order, and cooperate easier, ultimately impressing your customers!
  • TAKE CARE OF YOUR KITCHEN PRINTER: Kitchen printers are incredibly expensive, so our dust-free 3ply paper is specifically designed to not cause any damage to your printer heads. The printer rolls are compatible with the 3 ply kitchen printers, and measure 76 by 70 mm.
  • THE SUSTAINABLE WAY: Each tree used to make our triplicate kitchen printer rolls is replaced by six others, and the paper is fully recyclable, making this the most eco-friendly choice on the market!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The paper kitchen printer rolls are made with carbon-free first-rate paper, which is both durable to heat and humidity. Furthermore, the printer paper produces crisp and legible printing on each of the triplicate layers. We’re so convinced you’ll love how great these kitchen printer paper rolls are, that we will offer you a full refund if not 100% satisfied!