76x70 2 Ply Grade "A" Paper (20 Roll Box)

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  • 2 Ply Paper Rolls (White/Yellow) 20 Roll Box .

    Seamless cooperation between waiting staff and the chefs is crucial for the success of any kitchen. This cooperation stems from communication. In the old days, waiters used to write the order down on carbon pads and take a copy to the kitchen. However, this consistently leads to issues, as handwriting is often ineligible, and the hot and humid environment of a kitchen, as well as greasy fingers, can destroy carbon paper. A modern solution is finally here with our amazing 2ply kitchen printer paper roll!

    The perfect way to ensure that food orders are always correct, the white/ yellow duplicate till paper prints incredibly crisp and legible graphics to make sure cooks never have to guess food orders. Furthermore, the premium grade paper is heavier and less prone to damage. Additionally, the paper is dust-free, to ensure it will never damage the expensive print heads on your kitchen printers.

    Some more of the amazing features of our 2ply paper rolls:

     Legible duplicate printing, so your kitchen staff can always see what your customers order;

     Perfect for your kitchen printer, compatible with the Kitchen 2 Ply Dot Matrix Printers

     Sustainably sourced, from European forests;

     Dust-free, to avoid any damage to your kitchen printer;

    50 roll convenience pack

    Make sure your customers always get what they order!

    • WHAT YOUR KITCHEN NEEDS: In a busy fast-paced commercial kitchen, it is crucial to pass down the right order for the kitchen staff.  This is where our 2ply till roll paper truly makes a difference for your business!
    • ULTRA RESISTANT: The till rolls are made from high quality paper which is particularly resistant to damage from grease, as well as high temperatures and humidity of a kitchen. Moreover, the premium quality kitchen duplicate till paper prints incredibly legible and crisp graphics, so your chefs never have to guess the modifications and particulars of every order.
    • PERFECT FOR YOUR MACHINE: Designed for the dot matrix kitchen printer, the first-rate quality 76 x 70 mm 2 ply printer rolls are dust free in order to protect the print heads of your printer from any damage, reducing the risk of downtime that can impact your kitchen.
    • ECO-FRIENDLY AND SAFE: All our paper comes from sustainably sourced wood from European forests, and every tree cut down for our 2ply kitchen rolls is replaced by 6, to ensure the smallest impact on the environment. Moreover, the paper is 100% recyclable.
    • INCREDIBLY CONVENIENT: Specifically made for an efficient commercial kitchen, our convenience pack 2ply kitchen printer paper rolls is the ultimate convenient pack, and includes 50 rolls. We know you’ll love how smooth your kitchen operates with these duplicate till rolls, however, if not fully satisfied we will give you a full refund.


    If you are not sure which Paper Rolls you need Check out our Quick Find feature above. Or Skype Me™! , Ireland Ph: +353 (0)1 4433964 - UK Local Ph: +44 (0)20 8144 4475 and we will be more than happy to help you find what you require.


    List of reciept  printers & kitchen printers 76x70mm 2 Ply Paper Rolls will fit.



    Axiohm A714

    Citizen ICL9516

    Citizen IDP3420

    Citizen IDP3421

    Citizen IDP3423

    Citizen IDP3530

    Citizen IDP3535

    Citizen IDP3545

    Citizen IDP3546

    Citizen IDP3550

    Citizen IDP3551

    Citizen IDP460

    Epson M119B

    Epson M188B

    Epson TM-300A

    Epson TM-300B

    Epson TM-300C

    Epson TM-300D

    Epson TM-U230

    Epson TM-U200

    Epson TM-U210

    Epson TM-U220

    Epson TMU-220B

    Epson TM-U220D


    ICL 9518-200

    Omron RS80

    Omron RS80B

    Omron RS81

    Orient BTP M270

    Samsung Bixolon SRP-270A

    Samsung Bixolon SRP-270C

    Samsung Bixolon SRP-270D

    Samsung Bixolon SRP-275

    Samsung Bixolon SRP-500

    Samsung Bixolon SPR-275

    Star SP 200

    Star SP 316

    Star SP 317

    Star SP 321 SPROCKET

    Star SP 322 SPROCKET

    Star SP 323

    Star SP 341

    Star SP 2000

    Star SP 300

    Uniwell TP922

    Uniwell TP822

    Uniwell TP420

    Uniwell TP422

    Uniwell UN4525




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